For over 70 years, HARMAN has been at the forefront of the some of the most groundbreaking megatrends in the audio and automotive technology industries – from the first home stereo receiver to in-car radios to today’s sophisticated digital cockpits. Now, our world is on the precipice of a mobility revolution – one that promises to offer a superior, hyper-personalized experience beyond the car and the home into our more day-to-day connected lives. Today, what moves us is about more than just smart homes and connected mobility solutions – it’s about the journey as a whole, from the home, to the car, our final destination and everything in-between.


If you just look at mobility in today’s age, people spend a staggering amount of time in the car. Recent studies found that Americans collectively spend 70 billion hours behind the wheel each year, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. With so much time spent in a vehicle, it’s not surprising that consumer expectations are becoming increasingly centered on overall experiences rather than specific features. To keep up with new demands, automakers and OEMs are exploring new ways to deliver connected experiences that are hyper-personalized and transcend the routine act of traveling to enabling a new state of being. As a result, the value of a vehicle has shifted from RPM to EPM, or Experiences per Mile. But this isn’t just limited to the car. Our expert, engineers, designers, and developers know that tomorrow’s lifestyle will be redefined by what moves us – both physically and emotionally.  With our rich experience-first philosophy, smart mobility expertise and position as a lifestyle audio powerhouse, HARMAN is in the unique position to truly harness technologies to reimagine and reshape experiences.

So, how can we provide the immersive and intelligent audio experiences that will move consumers? Or how can automakers ensure that time in the car is more than just time spent traveling from Point A to Point B, but is actually time well spent? The answers lie in offering personalized and scalable experiences that help keep consumers connected, pique their curiosity, and engage their senses.

With a dynamic portfolio of audio solutions and innovative connected car solutions, from sophisticated headphones and speakers to Advanced Driver Awareness Systems (ADAS) and more, HARMAN’s teams are helping deliver ultimate experiences that are predicative, present, and always personal. The good news is the technology required to do so is already in place today:

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    Voice Activated Speakers: Voice is the way of the future, and consumers are consistently looking for their audio systems to do more than just play music. Thanks to HARMAN’s world class voice-enabled smart solutions equipped with best-in-class partners like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana, it’s easier than ever to check the weather, follow a new recipe, schedule appointments, and do a lot more.
  • Custom Audio Experiences: With Personi-Fi, car owners can take the crystal-clear sonic environment that HARMAN’s leading sound systems already provide to the next level. Compatible across multiple devices, Personi-Fi is an intelligent cloud-based audio platform that allows customers to fully customize their personal listening profile and take it with hem wherever they go.
  • Smart Audio for Elevated In-Car Communications: HARMAN’s Premium Communications platform leverages leading microphone, voice processing and noise-canceling technologies to enable clear, frustration-free conversations for all occupants in a vehicle – with each other, intelligent voice assistants, and external call recipients.
  • End-to-End Vehicle Protection: HARMAN’s Remote Vehicle Updating Service enables Over-the-Air updates and management of the entire vehicle, enabling OEMs to more effectively manage the ever-growing security complexity of the connected vehicle. 
  • Bringing the Connected Life into the Vehicle: With HARMAN Ignite, automakers, dealers and service providers can introduce, deploy, and manage new cloud applications and services that meet the safety and entertainment needs of every customer.

However, implementing this vision goes beyond the application of technology for technology’s sake. It’s dependent on surpassing consumers’ needs and simultaneously prioritizing thoughtful innovation. Our long history of innovation and technological capabilities coupled with our strategic partnerships with Samsung, OEMs, retailers, technology companies and other collaborators, empower HARMAN to reinvent the way people connect with the world around them and amplify the experiences that move them.

The next chapter of the connected lifestyle evolution will soon be unveiled at CES 2020. Stay tuned to HARMAN’s social channels the week of January 6th to be among the first to witness it. Until then, explore to learn more about HARMAN’s connected technologies and solutions.