As a global leader in audio innovation and a rich legacy in music, HARMAN has witnessed first-hand the power of music education in helping the next generation reach their fullest potential. While the benefits of music education are widely known, many schools are not able to offer music programming due to a lack of funding and resources. At HARMAN, we are committed to making an impact and addressing this gap through our global cause initiative, HARMAN Inspired, and with partners such as Music Will, a nonprofit organization committed to spreading awareness about the benefits of music education. On the heels of the International Day of Education, we are recognizing how an inclusive and equitable quality education is one that includes music and the arts and expands opportunities for all.

Research shows that music improves students’ academic skills, social skills and cognitive skills – and the benefits of leaning into music as a form of positive self-expression extends throughout their lifetimes. Music is also a powerful force and catalyst for change – motivating listeners of all ages to get involved in the causes they care about. In a survey conducted by HARMAN in collaboration with YouGov, 60% of respondents agreed that music influences human emotions and behavior to motivate more people to fight for societal issues. This all starts with music education to foster an appreciation for music from an early age.

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Together, HARMAN and Music Will have explored how technology can help bring music education to students in new ways, inside and outside of regular school hours. Our transformational initiatives have helped Music Will reach over one million students – and counting. Recent activities include:

  • Opportunities for At-Home Learning: The HARMAN Jam Zone reimagined what makes a virtual music class effective by incorporating advances in technology towards music education curriculum and featuring an online library of tutorials for today’s popular songs for kids to learn to play at their own pace in a comfortable setting.
  • Live Performances, Stage Experience, and Opportunities for Recognition:
    • During its annual benefit in New York City, Music Will students take to the stage to share what they’ve learned and realize their passion for performing live music.
    • To further support the music education curriculum, HARMAN and Music Will have offered many opportunities for students to gain experience in performing and get recognition for their music through video essay contests, songwriting exhibitions, virtual modern band summits, and more.
  • Instrument and JBL Headphone Donations
    • Access to quality instruments and materials is critical for hands-on learning experience. Our volunteers have helped donate new instruments to underserved schools, as well as speaker systems to amplify their sound, to encourage students to unlock their inner music makers.
    • When schools pivoted to virtual learning in 2020, HARMAN’s JBL brand, our brand ambassadors, and Music Will donated more than 6,300 of our high-quality JBL TUNE 700 BT and the JBL LIVE 400 BT headphones to students in schools across 10 cities, including New York, Cleveland, Detroit, and Los Angeles to help ensure students could rely on clear audio during their virtual classes and delve deeper into their music lessons.

As we prepare for the year ahead, we’re looking forward to working closely with Music Will to bring the power of music education to even more students. Through our partnership with Music Will, we’re dedicated to providing students with opportunities to experience the power of music and enjoy the benefits offered by access to quality music education. For more information on HARMAN Inspired and our mission to bring music education to communities around the world and empower the next generation to realize their possibilities, visit: https://www.harman.com/inspired